Are the dice balanced?

No, but they are very close. Thanks to the epoxy, the overall density of the dice is very close to being uniform, making the dice feel really good in hand. Also, once I get closer to the final version, I'll be able to adjust for the last remaining imbalance by adding small bits of lead here and there.


How do you recharge them?

The dice use an inductive charger, similar to that used in phones. In fact the chip that I use is a Qi wireless power receiver, although the dice itself is not Qi-compliant because the coil is too small. This means that I have to provide a charger along with any set of dice that I end up selling, if and when I do that.


How long does a charge last?

In a regular setting (i.e. not rolling the dice constantly), I estimate that they will last several hours. The nice part is that they use low-energy Bluetooth so, really, they use almost zero battery unless they are lighting up.


Will you make colored/black versions of the dice?

Yes, definitely. I really enjoy the transparent look, but I have experimented with painting them (leaving the pips transparent) and the results are very promising.


Will you make a D20?

Most definitely, as well as a D4, D8, D10 and D12. Those will probably only have one LED per side though, with the number engraved or transparent (so the light can shine through).


How much will the dice cost?

That is the real question! On the one hand there are a lot of electronics stuffed in these dice, so they can't be cheap, but on the other hand, economies of scale are huge with manufacturing, so it's really a matter of figuring out how many I need to make for them to be affordable.


Will you launch a Kickstarter?

That is very likely, but I want to do my homework and prepare correctly. That means figuring out many things related to manufacturing such as price point, minimum order quantities and turn around times. This is all stuff that I am not familiar with so imagine it will take me a while.


Will the dice work with Android/Switch/etc...?

Most likely, yes, but while I'm still developing, I am focusing on iOS only.


Can I help?

Yes, please! Drop me a note here.